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+44 1869 244424

7 Market Square
England OX26 6AA
United Kingdom

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    Ann Scott Review added: 2018.10.19

    This is my third season wearing my boots which Solutions4feet fitted. The first season I wore them for 4 days, and they were really uncomfortable- cramp so severe that whenever I stopped skiing I had to take my boots off. This meant that I really only skied in the mornings.

    The second year, I was hopeful that as I had compacted them they’d be more comfortable. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case. I phoned Solutions4feet for advice and Colin was quite helpful on the phone - suggesting that I wear thin socks - even pop socks! I wore normal socks, but that didn’t help.

    On my return to the UK I made an appointment to see Andy who had fitted the boots. I explained what the problem was, but all he said was that that was how they should be. I accept that might be what the optimum fit should be, but couldn’t get him to see that from my point of view I just want boots that are comfortable to ski in. Colin, the owner, walked past and told Andy to kill the conversation in a tone that made me feel very uncomfortable. Andy did make some adjustments to the liners which I hoped would help.

    This is my third year, and my first day - Sunday - was agony. On Monday I spoke to the guys in the ski rental shop, and they tried stretching the boots. This didn’t help, and they told me that they thought the boots were too small, and that the insole heel was too high. My next option is to replace the customised insole with the factory one.

    In the meantime I have hired boots and have had two full days skiing with comfortable feet - skiing has been enjoyable again!

    Someone else I know has had the same issues, and has skied twice as many weeks as me, and is still experiencing the same discomfort.

    Solutions4feet might be great if you are a performance skier. However, if you are a leisure skier I definitely wouldn’t recommend Solutions4feet.

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